2013 April Fools Motorcycle Pranks Round-Up

04/01/2013 @ 5:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler12 COMMENTS


April 1st is our most-favorite day of the year, as it is the Christmas Day for journalists far and wide — and like Christmas, it is better to give, than it is to receive. The motorcycle industry gives plenty on this day, and we thought we’d share with you the April Foolery that caught our attention this most glorious of days.

Here at Asphalt & Rubber, David’s fiction on the upcoming changes to the World Superbike Championship reigned supreme, and the bit about adventure-touring bikes replacing the World Supersport series was especially amusing.

We also got some interesting texts, emails, and comments about BRD’s new fund-raising plan, as well as the AMA Pro Racing’s supposed homologation of the Aprilia RSV4 Factory for supersport racing. We assure you that while they may mimic something close to what is possible in reality, neither stories are true…as far as we know.

How about from the rest of the industry though? In case you missed them, the highlights of April Fools Day are after the jump.

See any that we missed? Spread the love and post them up in the comments! Until next year, dear viewers.

Photo: Supersonic Racing Ducati

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  1. John says:

    Wait, so the KTM E-Speed scooter story was real?!!

  2. Fearnow says:

    Superbike Planet scooped DMG buying Dorna… The details were amusing. :-)

  3. I take it that photo is real? I’ve never seen a wheel come off a motorcycle in a race.

  4. JHB1984 says:

    Maxime Berger at Donington … do a youtube search ;o)

  5. @Aaron – it also happened to Victor Cox in the British Superstock 1000 race at last year’s Assen round.

  6. mountainrider says:

    Yea the aerostich was a riot.(it had me freaking for a moment) But magnetic paws for poches might sell, you could stick the pup on a fire hydrant while you eat lunch.

  7. Hahaha, that’s a nice one.

  8. Rare Sportbikes For Sale offered Vale’s 2009 MotoGP bike for sale:


    Being of keen wit and sharp of eye, I, of course, totally missed that it was April Fool’s and got TOTALLY pwned. ROTFLMAO.

  9. Dann-O says:

    Showed the Aerostitch one to my 30 wk pregnant wife & said, “ooh honey we’ve got to add this to the registry.” That went over like a stretched busa at Sturgis.

  10. Gutterslob says:

    I realize it’s 10 days late and no one will probably read this, but I hope at least save it somewhere, Jensen.