Yamaha MWT-9 Headed to Production?

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For most motorcyclists, the Yamaha MWT-9 isn’t exactly their cup of tea, as the three-wheeler has too many wheels, and it looks like it wandered off the set of next Predators movie. For a select few though, the Yamaha MWT-9 looks like a good time with the wind in your face.

Leaning multi-wheel vehicles have been heating up from the OEMs, especially from the Japanese manufacturers. The whole point behind them is to tap into a demographic that isn’t looking for something that resembles your typical motorcycle fare.

According to Britain’s Visordown publication, the Yamaha MWT-9 is headed into production, likely to debut within a year or two.

This movement comes from the idea that motorcycles in some markets – like the USA and Europe — are essentially motorized recreational toys, in which case the MWT-9 offers a different experience than a motorcycle.

It also comes from the idea though that engaging younger riders might require something different in the marketplace, a notion that comes from the perceived failure of the current crop of motorcycles to engage the desires of new riders.

In the case of the Yamaha MWT-9, the leaning trike will likely be powered by the same three-cylinder engine found in the FZ-09, which should make for a sport and reliable ride.

How will the market react though? Well, time will tell. We would suggest that you reserve judgment until you ride one though.

Source: Visordown