Shake-Up at Ducati North America

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UPDATE 2: Michael Lock has officially announced that he will be leaving Ducati North America.

UPDATE: John Paolo Canton, Ducati PR Manager, has responded in the comments that Lock was last spotted slaving away in his office, and it’s business as usual in Ducati North America.

With all the commotion going on today, our last piece of breaking news is the developing shake-up that’s going on at Ducati North America. Presumably involving the departure of Ducati North America CEO Michael Lock, we’ve been told changes at Ducati N.A. are occurring at the highest levels. All day we’ve been unable to reach anyone at Ducati’s Cupertino office, so we cannot confirm the report at this time…hey guys, pick up your phones!

If true, Ducati will be losing one of the more successful and controversial personalities in the motorcycle industry. Lock was responsible for turning around Triumph’s North American operations, which saw the company leverage its British heritage and cult following into a strong sales turnaround.

A forceful marketing-oriented CEO, Lock’s skills fit nicely with Ducati as the Italian brand focused again on making a lifestyle around its Italian racing DNA. Joining the Italian company in 2003, Ducati’s popularity in the US has soared since he joined the company.

A&R has no indication who could be taking over at Ducati North America at this time, but our list of guesses is short and distinguished. We also have no word as to where Lock could be headed next, but there are more than a few motorcycle companies in need of his talents. More information as we get it.