Details Leak on the MV Agusta Brutale 675 “B3”

03/24/2011 @ 1:10 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

MV Agusta is hosting it dealers meeting this weekend, and it is expected that the Italian company will unveil details on its upcoming 2011-2012 model line-up. With information coming forth about its new smaller Brutale 675 “B3”, a naked version of the companies recently unveiled MV Agusta F3 three-cylinder supersport, MV Agusta is likely to have the bike on sale as early as February 2012, with a base price of €8,990.

This puts the MV Agusta Brutale 675 squarely in the Triumph Street Triple’s price range, but bests its British counterpart with a claimed 120hp (de-tuned from the F3’s expected 140hp output). Also expected to be announced at the dealer meeting is the company’s plan for the releasing the MV Agusta F3, and news of a 201hp MV Agusta F4 “Corsacorta”.

News coming from these rumors were posted on a French MV Agusta forum, and seem to confirm what’s already been circulating on how the MV Agusta F3 will be released initially. In typical MV Agusta fashion, a limited “Oro” edition that has Öhlins suspension will first be made available. Pricing on that is expected to be around €24,000.

This means that the MV Agusta F3 Oro will be almost double of what the MV Agusta F3 is expected to retail for once it’s released (remember, this is the motorcycle MV Agusta plans on selling en masse to help secure the company’s financial future). The more down-to-Earth base model MV Agusta F3 is now expected to go on sale in December, which raises a few eyebrows on why that release date seemingly keeps getting pushed back.

Last coming out of the rumormill is that a new “Corsacorta” edition of the MV Agusta F4 will also make its debut at EICMA. The MV Agusta F4 Corsacorta is expected to have 201hp, Öhlins suspension, a €24,000 price tag (this price was quoted as 30,900 CHF, which if correct is a confusing price point – €30,900 would make more sense), and will feature an anti-lock brake system, something that will be featured on all the 2012 models.

Source: MV Agusta Forum FranceVisordown

  • MikeD

    Call me A FOOL….But im so happy that the others are picking up the HP gauntlet thrown by the S1000RR..

    First was Kawasaki’s ZX-10R and it failed(in the USA KHI had to cut it’s b@alls cause of failing noise emissions standard tests ?)…

    And now this, 201hp…WAY TO GO MV AGUSTA ! I don’t care if i won’t ever be able to ride, much less buy one but it sure feels nice that it will be are out there for those of us lucky enough to drop the coin and own such a beast.

    I wonder, if they plan do under-stroke it (hence the name Corsa Corta) does that mean it will have a bigger bore to make up the cc shortage caused by less stroke ? Wouldn’t that throw the whole cilinder spacing, wall thickness, w/e other factors im not aware of into conflict each other ? OR maybe is a whole new engine ? (highly unlikely?)

    P.S: MV Agusta, don’t make the same mistake as KHI with the ZX-10R and get the emissions laws and reguations straight before claiming any numbers. UNDERPROMISE….OVERDELIVER ! It makes wonders for almost any product !

    Let’s see what the replacement of the 1198 brings to the table. I think it’s due to come out at this year’s end. I heard they ditched the L-Twin for a V4 ? Less CC’s ? Gear driven valve train ?

    Is any of the other Japanese OEMs due over for a new 1000 next year ? Hope Honda fix the PUG FACED 1000 and Yamaha the fugly headlights of the R1. I think Suzuki’s 1000 still looks pretty fresh and “decent”. Benelli is been QUIET for what seems forever now.

    Is a great time to be alive and a motorcycle’s fan !

    AS for the other 2-3 versions anounced on this same article…meh, w/e , the more the merrier…diversity is the spice of life…w/e float our boats, right ?

  • ML

    F3 Oro edition for nearly double the price of the base F3? What does it have beyond better suspension?

  • BBQdog

    ” with a base price of €8,990″

    That would really be good news. But let’s wait what the real price will
    be with taxes etc.

  • mxs

    Yes, bring more horsepower. More is always better you know, like with megapixels and cameras. The fact that I cannot use it most of the time? … who cares LOL

  • MikeD


    Buahahahah, priceless…(^_^ )

  • Turk955i

    You really have to give MV credit for coming out with a 675 triple, totally revolutionary! Hat’s off to them for coming out with something they can call their very own.

  • Jake Fox


    I see what you did there…

  • Ricardo

    Ditto @ mxs.

    I am not replacing my actual bike until they reach 400hp. At 190 lbs. I don’t have any use for anything under that.

  • MikeD


    LMAO.Good one.