Moto Guzzi Teases a New Model for Its 100th Anniversary

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Last week, Moto Guzzi marked its 100th birthday of making motorcycle – a pretty significant achievement for a motorcycle brand – and the Italian brand showed that even after a century of being in business, they still have some tricks up their sleeve.

We say this because Moto Guzzi casually snuck a glimpse of a future motorcycle in its plethora of anniversary materials, and it doesn’t seem like too many people noticed.

The photo in questions is a relative low-res glimpse of a motorcycle, which of course has been further obscured through Photoshop manipulation.

Still, we can see that the machine doesn’t have much in the way for fairings, and looks fairly sporty, by Moto Guzzi standards.

If we were taking bets, our money would be on the new motorcycle using the V85 motor, which features an 850cc air-cooled longitudinal v-twin engine.

This is the smart-money ticket, as we know that the V85 engine is going to be a platform for a variety of motorcycles, not just the Moto Guzzi V85 TT adventure-tourer.

We are not confident that Moto Guzzi is going to get so sporty as to create something similar to Oberdan Bezzi’s “Black Eagle” concept, but we could see the Italians creating a potent standard-motorcycle from the 80hp v-twin.

Then again, we hope we are wrong on that accord, as the Bezzi’s work looks very intriguing, and it would sooth our GSS-01 Corsa loving hearts to see a proper sport bike back in the brand’s lineup.

Whatever the case may be, we likely have a bit longer to wait on its arrival. Moto Guzzi is still playing catch-up from the pandemic closures and the motorcycle industry as a whole is getting hit with supply chain issues – especially on parts from Asia.

Until then, consider us intrigued.

Source: Moto Guzzi