First Photos of the Kawasaki ZH2 Leak Online

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Kawasaki is already doing a pretty good job of teasing out information on its new supercharged motorcycle, but that hasn’t stopped our colleagues from across the pond from snooping around for more.

As such, the Belgian site MaxxMoto has come across four images that show the 2020 Kawasaki ZH2 in the flesh, giving us our first real glimpse into this blown naked bike.

The photos clearly are of the Kawasaki ZH2, with the bike’s headlight and chassis matching what we have already seen in Kawasaki’s teaser videos. 

As we can see from the snaps, the Kawasaki ZH2 looks fairly close to the Kawasaki Z1000, with its down-sloped headlight.

There are differences though, with the ZH2’s dash rising quite high…and then of course there are the winglets on the side of the motorcycle.

In the photos we can also clearly see the red steel trellis frame on the Kawasaki ZH2, which continues the design elements from the rest of the H2 lineup.

It would seem though that the Kawasaki ZH2 has a double-sided swingarm, which is a stand-out feature when compared to Kawasaki’s other supercharged models. It could be that this hints at a lower price point for the ZH2 than we originally thought.

Could the 2020 Kawasaki ZH2 be a sub-$20,000 motorcycle? We will have to wait a little bit longer for true pricing and tech specs. So, stay tuned.