Kawasaki Teases a New Supercharged “Z” Motorcycle Model

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The eggheads at Kawasaki have been busy readying themselves for the 2020 model year, and it seems that they have something special in the works. 

We say this because Team Green just dropped a teaser video for a new supercharged motorcycle – and we expect it to be sporty.

Details are pretty limited, but we know that the new bike will belong to Kawasaki’s “Z” family, which consists of its sport bike models. Could we see the supercharged version of the Z1000? We certainly hope so.

It is no secret that Kawasaki has dumped a ton of resources into its supercharger program, already debuting the Ninja H2 sport bike, Ninja H2R track bike, and Ninja H2 SX sport-tourer.

It is hard to see daylight between those models, especially for one within the “Z” family of Kawasaki’s sport bikes, but our thought process that a true naked machine, like the Z1000 could find breathing room in the lineup.

Another thought is that Kawasaki could move away from the absurd horsepower figures currently found with its supercharged motorcycles, and instead opt for reasonable HP numbers from very small engines. A supercharged 500cc bike, perhaps?

It is pure speculation at this point. Kawasaki has done a pretty good job of surprising the motorcycle industry with this bike. Expect a debut to occur at the EICMA show in November of this year.

Hopefully by then, forced induction for motorcycles won’t be DOA.

Source: Kawasaki Italia