Hesketh is Working on a Three-Cylinder Supercharged Sport Bike

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Here is something to keep an eye out for as the 2020 model year comes closer to reality – it is an upcoming sport bike from British marque Hesketh, which has a supercharged 1,000cc three-cylinder engine.

Details beyond what I just said, and the concept sketch above, are non-existent, but the boutique brand is keen to make this motorcycle a reality in the next 365 days (if not sooner).

That seems a tall order for a bike that seems to exists only in sketch form, so we would hope that road-worthy machines are already out testing on public roads, though that may not be the case.

Still, the basic idea behind this yet unnamed motorcycle is an intriguing one. The engine is mounted transversely in the motorcycle’s chassis, with the three headers shooting to the right side of the bike.

There should be no shortage of power coming from a 1,000cc supercharged engine, as we have seen with Kawasaki’s H2 lineup.

Like most Hesketh bikes, the pricing on this sport bike won’t be cheap. But for the coin, you are certain to get one truly unique motorcycle.

It will be interesting to see where this concept sketch goes as it becomes the real thing…and when it will be ready for public consumption.

Source: Hesketh (Facebook) via