Are You the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX?

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On its Facebook page right now, Erik Buell Racing is teasing a two-seater bike, which looks suspiciously similar to the EBR 1190RS homologation-special racing machine.

With EBR teasing the names of three future machines on its website: the RX, SX, and AX, those who are capable of putting two-and-two together can deduce that the Milwaukee-based company is getting ready to bring another version of its 1190cc street bike to market, complete with a pillion.

In addition to the two-seater, Erik Buell Racing is expected to bring to market both naked (1190SX) and adventure (1190AX) variants of its big-displacement machines, and the company is tipped to be working on a 250cc model for the world market as well.

Recently getting a serious cash infusion from Hero MotoCorp, to the tune of $25 million in exchange for 49.2% of the company, Erik Buell Racing finally has a healthy chunk of capital it needs to expand its product line and become a serious motorcycle company.

Working on establishing a dealer network in the US, as well as continuing its racing efforts in the AMA Pro Road Racing series, the post-recession reboot of Buell’s work is gaining traction for its hard work. Of course the proof will be in the pudding when it comes to the company’s 1190 line.

With the RS priced at $40,000 sans carbon fiber, it will be interesting to see where EBR prices the 1190RX, which because of manufacturing constraints, will likely still be sold with in limited quantities with a bit of sticker shock. Of course, time will tell.


Source: Erik Buell Racing (Facebook)