Ducati Strada Aperta Renamed to ‘Cayenne’?

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Visordown is reporting today that Ducati has named their road-going, enduro-ish, BMW GS killer, the Ducati Cayenne…yes, as in the spicy hot pepper. One thing is for sure about the name: we’re finding it a little hard to swallow.

First off, it just doesn’t sound very “Ducati”. With bikes named “Superbike”, “Sport Classic”, and “Streetfigher” we’ve become accustomed to Ducati naming its motorcycles with very obvious and descriptive names. Even, the Multistrada, which the new bike is to replace, had a fairly intuitive name for its purpose (we’re ignoring the Monster on purpose here).

Our other eyebrow is raised because we just can’t see why the Bologna brand would name a vehicle after a German SUV. The last thing we need in this world is to be sitting in our favorite yuppie coffee shop and overhear someone talking about their brand new Cayenne, leaving us to wonder if they’re talking about their overpriced kid-hauler, or their over-priced dirt bike.

Our doubt about this report is a shame, because Visordown goes on to report some tech specs on the bike we haven’t heard before.

UPDATE: According to MCN sources inside Ducati have denied that the Strada Aperta will be renamed Cayenne

As we already know, the Strada Aperta Cayenne will use the 1098cc motor found in the 1098 Superbike and current model Streetfighter. Visordown goes on to report however that the new bike will be watered down from the claimed 155hp to 140hp (no big surprise here, except an actual figure).

Also, the fuel tank will hold about 5.3 gallons (20 liters for you metric folks), which if true will make this a stellar adventure/touring platform.

Lastly, Visordown quotes a price of about £12,000, which would at least confirm the new Ducati’s role in going after the BMW niche.

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Source: Visordown