Are You Ready for the Ducati Scrambler 400?

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We have been hearing rumors of a smaller displacement Ducati Scrambler since the 803cc machine dropped on us last year. The rumors have varied in detail, with some quoting a v-twin engine, and others saying Ducati might finally bring back a single-cylinder engine to its lineup.

The displacement figure has also varied, with sizes quoted between 300cc and 600cc. In fact, only two things have been constant in the rumors we have heard: that Ducati is working on a smaller Scrambler, and that it would be cheaper than the current $8,500 Scrambler Icon, thus creating a better entry point into the Italian brand.

All of that has been too vague to publish, but there seems to be some clarity now on the new model, with a Ducati Scrambler 400 widely expected to debut in a month’s time in Milan.

The bike will retain its v-twin engine format, and be geared towards meeting the A2 licensing structure. Like with the current crop of Scramblers, Ducati will hope to make its money on apparel and aftermarket parts, as the Scrambler 400 (if it retains that name) will be geared towards new riders, with thin margins for dealers.

If you can read between the lines on Ducati’s postings to the Scrambler Ducati Facebokk Facebook pages, Bologna seems set to bring two new Scramblers to market, which means we will likely see to variants of the smaller Scrambler. The post cryptically reads with the following:

Two more special friends just joined the Land of Joy. 
Please meet Bart & Betty!
He’s a skater and she’s a BMXer. Over the coming weeks we’ll get to know them better through their story!
They may have a little Scrambler news for us…. 
Who knows! ?
Stay tuned!!

The big question will be, will the smaller Scrambler come to the American market, or will it remain in Europe, where the tier-licensing structure gives small-displacment machines more importance. We’ll see in November.

Source: Bothan Spies & Scrambler Ducati (Facebook)