Ducati Adding Two More Scramblers to Its Lineup for 2020

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According to the eagle eyes at BikeSocial, it would seem that Ducati has two new Scrambler models coming for the 2020 model year. 

The two models were spotted in filings with the EPA, and are listed as “Pro” versions from the 1100 line – the “Ducati Scrambler 1100” and “Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro”.

What exactly is so “Pro” about this machines is not clear, but we are pretty certain that we will see the new Scramblers at Ducati’s special event in October, held on the Rimini coast.

The EPA documents create more questions than they answer, as they show the rest of the Ducati Scrambler lineup returning, with the two Pro models added to the mix.

Additionally, the documents show that there are no engine changes on tap for 2020, which means that we can expect the same 86hp, v-twin, 1,079cc air-cooled engine that we know and love.

What makes a bike a Pro though? That remains to be seen. Better components seems unlikely, as the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport already comes with top-shelf pieces like Öhlins suspension.

Ben Purvis from BikeSocial suggests that the “Pro” name could denote more off-road focused 1100 machines, similar to the Desert Sled model. Other than the fact that Ducati already has set up a naming scheme for this, the idea makes sense.

This is especially true now that the Triumph Scrambler 1200 has been released, since Ducati might want to help protect the niche it has carved out with its own Scrambler lineup with some more off-road focused machines.

Looking for another path, we could expect changes to come from the electronics side of the equation, with the “Pro” designation denoting some sort of feature pack – something like an IMU-powered traction control, or an adaptive cruise control. 

We are just spitballing ideas at this point. Expect more details to leak out from Bologna as we get closer to October.

Source: BikeSocial