Spotted just outside Ducati’s Bologna factory by an amateur photographer, we now get a proper glimpse of Ducati’s “Mega Monster” performance cruiser. Based around a 1200cc v-twin motor, Ducati is hoping to tap into the American dominated cruiser market, and steal a few customers away from Harley-Davidson.

While, we’re not calling the Mega Monster a “butter face”…well…actually we are, hopefully the Rhinoplasty Fairy will come visit the bike before its debut at EICMA later this year. Ducati, for the love of God, please re-think this motorcycle. Check for more photos.


  • Ian

    This remind anyone else of the ill-fated MT-01?

  • Ken C.

    First of all, that is NOT a cruiser. If they’re trying to steal customers away from the Harely camp, they’re going to have to try harder. The bike is too tall, and not raked back enough to fit into the American cruiser “mold”. In this state, it’s just a Monster on steroids (not that it’s a bad thing). I think it’s a pretty good looking bike, but it’s not going to steal any Harley customers.

  • Blake

    To steal any Harley customers they are going to have to add some chrome to that thing too. The riding position isn’t nearly as relaxed as most Harley riders are use to.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Epic fail. Makes Terblanche look like Tamburini.

  • BikePilot

    I think the point is that the purpose is the same as a cruiser – sacrifice function for a certain aesthetic, ride to bike nights, bars, shows, look at in the driveway and do other similarly inane things with it. Sorta like the “custom” sport bikes with lots of chrome, fat tires, stretched and lowered… In this category its downright sensible. Don’t know that it’ll sell though. I’d take a SF or MTS over one any day.

    I’ll need more pics before I can make up my mind whether its truly ugly or just about as ugly as most current bikes. The mirrors have got to go though!

  • froryde

    And how is that much different from a Monster S4R or S4RS?

  • TwinMe

    Figure wise (shape, style, w/e is called) i think is C00L (Please, don’t rake it anymore or extend its wheel base). Don’t get too far from the Monters series Look.

    NOW, I think the side exhaust HAS TO GO, HIDE THAT MESS OF TUBING, Buell XB12S Anyone ? Route it like the SV1000N or the Monster 1100, StreetFigther or 1198, PLEASE! Or Streamline IT a little bit more. Looks like a last minute idea some pissed designer decided to tag on a cool design, that BEND at the rear cylinder outlet coming forward can’t be good for performance + BAKED LEGS.

    Engine: If they ever got it on their heads selling this as a “Cruiser” in ” Bigger IS ALWAYS Better America” they should do some polling on people about engine size (Yamaha did this with their latest VMAX on the microsite it created then).

    1200cc ? Ducati……..REALLY ? If your gonna go out, go out with a BANG, (BANG=1600CC OR +) AFTER ALL, ain’t the VMAX (1670cc) one of its competitors ?

    What? Don’t have cases, cylinders, heads, crank, rods & pistons to support such increase in size yet ? Well, cast-machine some new ones then.

    Don’t forget Bigger fuel tank capacity than VMAX Please! Some people like to be total Hooligans for more than a 100 miles Range at a time.
    And that ugly stacked muffler style has to go, looks BULKY and oldschool. Keep it MT-01 Clean & Simple.

    Ok, im done ranting….LMAO.

  • TwinMe

    One more thing, Tire Width is looking a little xcessive and rear shock location looks like a nigthmare to adjust.

  • Dr. Gellar

    This “Mega-Monster” will likely prove interesting once it gets to production, or at least the complete prototype stage. However, if Ducati really wants to get some of Harley-Davidson’s customer base, they should produce a modern version of their own V-4 Apollo. Now that, if done right, could be really cool.

  • TwinMe

    Dr.Gellar: U make an excellent point. Go the Apollo way.

    They could take 2 “Old” 1098 Engines and cast them togheter and get a 2.xxxL V-4 rigth there. Im affraid Ducati doesn’t build anything smaller than 1098-1198 to make such V-4 Naturally High Powered.
    But i think something of this nature would be ” Too Wide at the Knees ? ” Maybe ?
    Im down for a 1600cc+ regular L-Twin

    696, 796, 1100 Monster Engines are Air Cooled (Overheating ?) and 2 Valves Heads (Not HP friendly ?). Did i miss any other possibility or candidate to pair for a V-4 ?

    I must say, even i don’t have anywhere near the finances to buy such a bike like this i truly want this bike to be a hit, the more choices out there the better, rigth ?

  • Mike

    This bike ROCKS! The monster series was too soft, streetfighter a bit too pure in concept (I own one), this bike is beautiful in a brutish hyabusa kind of way…. like a muscle bike should look. VMAX was spot on but no-one would spend that kinda dough on a yamaha… ducati however… I reckon its a winner… as long as they can keep the weight and wheelbase manageable

  • paulus

    It’s a Muscle bike… and it looks good for that purpose.
    I dont think anybody should right it off until it is launched and we see the final product.
    I like the concept. It’s not a Harley, it’s a Ducati version of a muscle bike.