Variable Valves Coming to the BMW R1200GS?

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While the current crop of BMW R1200GS model motorcycles are being recalled for issues with their front suspension, the future of the venerable GS line continues to evolve, as Motorrad Magazine is reporting that the boxer-twin engine that powers the R-series will be getting variable valve timing (VVT).

Motorrad is also reporting that the engine displacement will also see a bump, up from 1,170cc to 1,250cc for the next-generation of R-series machines, which should mean that the water-cooled motor should get a healthy (and much needed) bump in power, to help compete in this hotly contested segment.

This announcement also means that BMW is the second manufacturer to bring VVT technology to its ADV bike offering, hoping to balance low-end and mid-range torque with peak horsepower.

Ducati was of course first in this regard, and it is also worth noting that the Italian brand is also updating its adventure-touring Multistrada with a bigger engine as well for the 2018 model year.

With a little ADV battle brewing, staying at the front of the technology game helps BMW Motorrad justify the roughly $20,000 that GS/RT/RS owners are popping for their German-built motorcycles.

And, comprising nearly half of BMW’s motorcycle sales each year, it is in BMW’s best interest to keep its boxer lineup as fresh as possible.

Source: Motorrad Magazine