Could BMW Be Working on an XDiavel Killer?

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Here’s some more BMW Motorrad speculation for your two-wheeled consumption, as Germany’s Motorrad Magazine says that BMW is looking to take on the Ducati XDiavel, with a power cruiser model of its own.

This of course isn’t the first time that BMW has included a cruiser-styled motorcycle in its lineup, with the BMW R1200C being a unique, though slightly odd, offering to the cruiser demographic.

Like Ducati, BMW seems to be learning from its mistakes in going after the cruiser crowd, and instead of offering a motorcycle that is BMW’s take on the cruiser concept, they are building a cruiser that has cues back to the BMW lineup. A subtle but potent distinction.

Time will tell on how this rumor plays out, though there are number of interesting things to consider with a BMW power cruiser.

Will the new model, like the R1200C, use BMW’s iconic boxer-twin engine design? Or, will the German brand use one of its other powerplants, like the inline-four from the S-series, or the inline-six cylinder engine found on the larger K-series models?

We would still expect the boxer to reign supreme in this category, but its worth noting that BMW has a bevy of power plants to choose from, all of which cater to different needs and spectrums in the motorcycling world.

For instance, BMW has already teased out a bagger concept built around the K1600 progeny, called the BMW Concept 101. A motorcycle like the Concept 101, together with a boxer-powered XDiavel killer could be the makings of  a larger, more robust, offering for the metric cruiser crowd.

With that in mind, it might be important to remember that while it’s fun to speculate on a potential new model from the Bavarians, the larger rumor here could be BMW going after Harley-Davidson et al, in a big way.

Source: Motorrad