BMW M1000RR Superbike Set to Debut Tomorrow

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UPDATE: The BMW M1000RR has now debuted…and it looks awesome.

In the time of COVID-19, all bets are off when it comes to when new motorcycles will be released.

International travel has effectively ended; the big trade shows have canceled their events for this year; and manufacturers are already shifting to less rigid unveiling schemes.

As such, a new bike for 2021 could pop up at any time during the next few months, and it looks like we will see one tomorrow.

This is because BMW is teasing something “Born on the Racetrack” on social media right now. And, the signs that the BMW M1000RR is about to debut are strong.

For starters, the teaser graphic shows the BMW S1000RR in silhouette, inside a wind tunnel, with the BMW “M” logo color dodged into the background.

If that was too subtle for you though, BMW has posted the following image on Facebook as well, which shows the very familiar dash of the S1000RR with the “M” logo on it.

To make the hints a trifecta, BMW says that it plans on having the following people on the presentation: Tom Sykes, (Racer #66 BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team​), Marc Bongers (Director BMW Motorrad Motorsport), and Sepp Mächler (Product Manager BMW Motorrad️​). This lineup should all but confirm that we will see the BMW M1000RR tomorrow.

What is the M1000RR though? Besides a trademark name, we don’t really know for certain. But, understanding BMW and their history of their use of the “M” name, we can expect a very high-performance version of the S1000RR superbike.

Likely the new way forward from BMW’s previous lineup of “HP” motorcycles, the “M” nomenclature brings BMW Motorrad’s naming conventions inline with the automobile side of the business.

As such, the BMW M1000RR should be the modern version of the BMW HP4, which should bode well for anyone who is a fan of the German brand’s superbike.

With the current S1000RR being a bit of a flop for the Germans (especially in the United States, where it gets massively detuned), it will be interesting to see if the BMW Motorsport minds have found any solutions to improve things with the M1000RR.

We certainly hope so, because having seen the potential of the European-spec bike first-hand, BMW Motorrad has certainly left a lot on the table with this motorcycle.

If you want to watch the unveil on YouTube, the video above should start playing when the presentation goes live.

Source: BMW Motorrad