Bimota KB4 Spotted on the Road With “Mystery Duct” on Its Side

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We are deeply pleased to see that the Bimota brand is back in the motorcycle game, and already the Italian manufacturer has some interesting models for us to see. 

The Bimota Tesi H2 is a bonkers supercharged sport bike with a hub-center steering chassis design, whereas the Bimota KB4 promises to be more retro-modern in its approach to a full fairing street bike.

Caught getting fuel in Rimini by the eagle-eyes at Young Machine, we get a good glimpse of the KB4 ahead of its official debut (which we assume is later this year, during the new bike season and trade shows).

Most notable from the photos that Young Machine has posted is Bimota’s use of a long cooling duct on the left-hand side of the bike, which moves to the rear of the motorcycle.

At first glance, we thought it might be an intake for Kawasaki’s supercharger, which would have been quite the surprise, considering that we expect the Bimota KB4 to be based off the Ninja 1000 SX, and thus naturally aspirated.

Upon a closer look though, the fairing duct routes all the way to the tail section of the motorcycle, which is curious.

The most reasonable guess is that the Bimota KB4 will relocated the radiator/oil-cooler into the tail section, similar to what we saw with the Benelli Tornado Tre 900 (sans fans).

We will have to wait a bit longer to know truly what Bimota has in store for us, but it is of note that the Italian brand has only been showing us the right-hand side of the KB4 until now.

Source: Young Machine