A New Suzuki GSX-S1000 Is Coming in Less Than Three Weeks

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Suzuki has begun teasing a new GSX-S1000 street bike, and they are not being subtle about it.

The teaser video (which is on the USA site as well, which bodes well for a North American release), gives us a few glimpses of the naked bike’s lines, with a very clear naming of what were are looking at.

The point, of course, is to say that a new/updated Suzuki GSX-S1000 is slated to come on April 26th, likely as a 2022 model.

What can we expect from the new GSX-S1000? That is a good question. The screen grabs below show a bike with a new fairing design, and a three-element LED headlight.

So, we can expect some superficial changes, at the very least. Judging from Suzuki’s work on the new Hayabusa, that might be all we can expect though, save for maybe a few minor mechanical refinements.

Perhaps the Japanese brand will bring a more robust electronics package to this streetfighter, which would be a welcomed addition, since this brawler has been severely outclassed in the segment by Suzuki’s  rival brands.

We just hope that Suzuki doesn’t lose sight of the biggest advantage that the GSX-S1000 has going for it: its price.

The $11,099 MSRP is a good spot to be in for a liter-bike streetfighter, and again as we saw with the Hayabusa, those add-ons have a way of tacking unwanted numbers to a price tag.

Source: Suzuki