Changes Coming to the Suzuki GSX-R1000 for 2022?

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The venerable Suzuki GSX-R1000 is set for an update during the next model year, so say our Bothan Spies.

With the current generation now in its fifth-year (and second revision), the Japanese brand is seeing it fit to offer a “new” model of its popular superbike.

How extensive those changes will be has yet to be determined, but we hear that the new bike is part of a plan for Suzuki to get back into competition in the WorldSBK Championship.

Suzuki’s lack of presence in the production-based class is noticeable, despite the company’s current success in MotoGP.

Currently the value buy in the superbike market, the Suzuki GSX-R1000 may not rank as highly as its competitors from Europe and Japan, but the liter bike is priced very aggressively for its performance offering.

We would expect for Suzuki to continue this formula, and to bifurcate its offering with  a base model and up-spec machine.

In terms of expectations, one would hope that Suzuki will be able to find a Euro5 homologation in 2022 that doesn’t leave a giant hole in the GSX-R1000’s dyno graph, like it does in the US market.

More power on tap is certainly expected though, and our instinct is that Suzuki will finally break the 200hp barrier without the use of marketing metric horsepower figure quotes.

A more robust and customizable electronics suite is also likely in the works, which is another area where the GSX-R1000 has lagged behind its competitors.

Expect to see the 2022 Suzuki GSX-R1000 announced later this year, near the autumn trade show season.

Source: Bothan Spies