Leaked Specs Show 178hp for the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS

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A purported leaked spec sheet of the 2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS has hit the internet (we first spotted it on Belgian site MaxxMoto), and it shows the venerable streetfighter making a whopping 178hp (132.4 kW).

The document would seem to have an extra layer of authenticity as well, as it shows the side profile of the new Speed Triple, and that photo depicts the bike departing significantly from the previous generation of the machine (shown at the bottom of this post).

Most notably, the engine casings and main frame are obviously different on the new Speed Triple 1200, which leads us to think that this model is a ground-up revision of the Speed Triple platform rather than a simple revision, which would help account for the sizable bump in power.

Speaking of which, the 178hp (@ 10,750 rpm) is mated to 92 lbs•ft of torque (@ 9,000 rpm), which compares very favorably to the previous 148hp (@ 10,500 rpm) and 86 lbs•ft (@ 7,150 rpm) ratings.

Some of that power increase is coming from the bump in displacement, which is quoted at 1,160cc, which is a much more modest increase from the previous 1,050cc displacement than we were expecting for the “1200” name.

But, just from the rpm figures, we can assume that the 2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS is making more power through engine revs, but the difference is too great to be that alone. Triumph is clearly working with an all-new engine architecture here.

Visually, the engine seems to be completely revamped, which is most obvious in the position of the clutch cover, as the gearbox seems to be much higher in the bike, and the bottom-end of the casing looks much smaller than before.

While the frame isn’t radically different from before, there are a number of spots where changes have been made – another sign that the engine is a completely new unit and that this is an all-new motorcycle.

The rear subframe also looks brand new, and of course the bodywork is fully revised.

There is a good rumor going around that Triumph has shaved a considerable amount of weight off the Speed Triple as well – our friends at MaxxMoto say its over 40 lbs in weight reduction.

It will remain to be seen if that astounding figure is true, but considering that the outgoing Triumph Speed Triple RS weighs a plump 416 lbs dry, one of heaviest in its class, some serious weight loss is easy to believe.

We have still another week to wait until the full monty is given on the 2021 Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS, but so far there seems to be plenty to get excited about. It would seem that Great Britain’s streetfighter is finally back!

Source: MaxxMoto