This Week’s Honda CBR600RR-R Rumor – The August Edition

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Hello and welcome to our third installment of “This Week’s Honda CBR60RR-R Rumor” – a name that has so many R’s in its moniker that you probably missed the fact that we left a zero out. Your move, Honda.

This time around, we are calling this the “August Edition” of the Honda CBR600RR-R (count the R’s, count the 0’s) rumor, as that is precisely what the latest gossip is all about: an August reveal date.

Considering that August officially starts in five days, that makes this pretty big news indeed…if it’s true.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let us just consider the masterclass effort that must be underway in Japan to keep such a motorcycle from us with only a few days left to spare.

The Japanese brands are usually tighter lipped than their European cohorts, but even the CBR1000RR-R (double-check the name?) leaked before its official unveiling.

Out of all the rumors flying, Ben Purvis writing for Cycle World is perhaps the most level-headed and reliable source for Honda CBR600PR-R conjecture.

In his story, Purvis tips that the 2021 Honda CBR600RR-RR will not be a clean-sheet model, but instead be another refresh of the aging CBR600RR platform, which first debuted as 2007 model year machine.

Instead, the next Honda CBRR600RR-R will feature bodywork that looks similar to the current liter-bike offering, complete with an aerodynamic pod, as well as some proper electronics, including an IMU that will help the traction control and anti-locking brake systems.

We can presume that other electronic aids will also be included in the package, including riding modes via a ride-by-wire throttle, an up/down quickshifter, and possibly even electronic suspension.

Power is expected to be the same as the current model, as the improvements to the 599cc inline-four engine’s performance are balanced out by the need for stricter emissions homologation.

Even so, Purvis says that the Honda CBR600RR-R won’t be Euro5 compliant, and thus will not be available for the European market.

If true, this is going to be a huge miss for Big Red, as Europe and North America are the key markets for a bike like the Honda CBR6OORR-R.

Widening our view from the American magazine, other European publications are touting that the new supersport will indeed be Euro5 compliant, though they echo the same tried and true Honda line that environmental factors are making it too costly to make 600cc sport bikes.

Who is right in this regard? No one can say. But, if the business case for the CBB600RR-R is the bike is too unpopular to warrant a full refresh, certainly the accountants would frown on making a bike that is going to leave out the machine’s largest potential market. 

Presumably, we won’t have too long to wait and see how this shakes out, as Italy’s Motociclismo magazine goes as far as to say that we will see the 2021 Honda CBR6000RR-R debut on August 9th, at the Sugo Circuit during the All Japan Road Race Championship. Until then…

Source: Cycle World & Motociclismo