A New Aprilia RSV4 Superbike Is Spotted on the Road

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Is this the new 2021 Aprilia RSV4 superbike? That is what the internet seems to think, after the eagle eyes at Motomaniaci spotted the machine testing on city roads.

The bike is a mixture of old and new, with the frame and engine appearing to be the same units from the current generation of the Aprilia RSV4.

However, we can see that Noale is using a new under-slung swingarm design, the exhaust can is a new design, and that the bodywork has gone through some serious changes.

Of note, the front bodywork has a similar layered look that can be found on the Aprilia RS 660, which should route air through the bike and help with heat management.

What is noticeably missing though is an obvious winglet package, which makes one wonder if Aprilia is hiding aerodynamic aids on the inside of its fairing; if this bike is without the winglet design attached; or if Aprilia is taking a new position in its use of aerodynamics.

We do know from the Aprilia RS 660 concept that debuted two years ago that Noale has been toying with the idea of active aerodynamics.

So while it is surprising to see the RSV4 going relatively unchanged for another season, if Aprilia debuted an active aerodynamics package on the superbike, that would be quite a headline, and not too unexpected.

On the other hand, the Italians could just be giving a facelift to a motorcycle that they have been content to bring modest updates to each year for the past decade. One just never knows when it comes to the RSV4.

Presumably we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out what is going on with the Aprilia RSV4 for the 2021 model year.

We’ll post more info, when we get it, but here’s a photo of the current generation RSV4 for comparison.

Source: Motomaniaci

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