More Rumors Swirl About a 2017 Suzuki GSX-R250

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Suzuki is the last Japanese holdout when it comes to a proper small-displacement sport bike, something in the 250cc to 300cc range. Never fear though, there have been strong rumors that a Suzuki GSX-250 is in the works.

The name and displacement have been something of a matter of debate amongst varying sources, likely because it would be hard to imagine Suzuki bringing a 250cc machine to market, when its closest competitors keeping increasing their offerings beyond 250cc.

Similarly, we would expect to see Suzuki coming out with a two-cylinder machine, rather than a single-cylinder bike. Both Kawasaki and Yamaha have twin-cylidner bikes on the market, and Honda is expected to debut one of its own soon as well in the coming months.

The reality isn’t that the small-displacement motorcycles are suddenly booming in the United States and other markets, but instead that the segment is finally getting the attention of manufacturers, who are updating their offerings in this space.

That should come with some surprise for American readers, as the Kawasaki Ninja 250R has consistently been one of the top-selling motorcycles in the USA over the past decade, proving that a market and an accompanying demand have been present in the Western countries, well before this sudden surge into the space.

We would expect to see the so-called Suzuki GSX-R250 debut at the trade shows later this autumn. Until then, we expect the rumor mill to continue churning away. Stay tuned!

Source: Auto-By