If you’ve bought a Suzuki motorcycle in the past few years, you might want to check out the list for the Japanese company’s latest motorcycle recall. Affecting 73,426 motorcycles from various product lines and model years (2008-2010), Suzuki has discovered a faulty electrical rectifier/regulator in its design that needs replacing.

According to the recall, rectifiers/regulators on bikes built between July 2007 and September 2009 have an inadequate amount of adhesion between the power module and the case, which results in the unit not sufficiently being cooled by its heat sink (affected Suzuki part numbers are: 32800-41F11, 32800-15H10, 32800-05H11, 32800-41G10, 32800-15H00, 32800-18H00, 32800-05G10, 32800-10G10, 32800-05H20, OR 32800-06G01). As a result the unit’s circuit board could warp, and become dislodged from its casing.

Should the rectifier/regulator start malfunctioning because of this condition, the motorcycle would improperly charge its electrical system, likely draining the battery, and possibly causing the motorcycle to stall. Suzuki will notify owners affected by the issue, and a Suzuki distributor will replace the affected part for free. The recall is expected to take place March 2, 2011, the affected models are listed below. Concerned Suzuki owners can contact Suzuki 1-714-996-7040, and as always the NHTSA is available at 1-888-327-4236 or at the safercar.gov website.

Affected Model Affected Model Year
Suzuki / AN400 2008-2009
Suzuki / DL1000 2008-2009
Suzuki / GSF1250 2008-2009
Suzuki / GSX-R600 2008-2009
Suzuki / GSX-R750 2008-2009
Suzuki / GSX1300B 2008
Suzuki / GSX1300R 2008-2010
Suzuki / GSX650F 2008-2009
Suzuki / SFV650 2009-2010
Suzuki / VL800 2008-2010
Suzuki / VLR1800 2008-2009
Suzuki / VZ1500 2009-2010

Source: NHTSA

  • Andre

    Shame Ducati won’t acknowledge and fix it’s rectifier issues. Good on Suzuki!

  • Sean

    hhhhmmm, lots of rectifier problems on the 06/07 600 and 750’s.

  • Mike (Vancouver BC)

    Last summer there was backorder on rectifiers! I had to wait 1 month on my GSXR600 K9 to receive a new rectifier on my bike that had only 48km on it! I wrote to Suzuki Canada in July 2010 and they’ve still haven’t replied or said anything. I’m sure Suzuki USA would of responded a long time ago. Boo Suzuki Canada! Shame on you! It’s bad enough that we pay more for our bikes here in Canada than the US, the least Suzuki Canada can do is acknowledge our existane as customers.
    Anyways enogh said, for the rest of you people out there with defected rectifiers. You really got three options… 1. Call your local dealership to see if they got the new rectifiers in stock and get it done now befor the season begins…(Duh).. 2. If it’s too late and there’s a back order, glue a CPU fan on it to prevent it from frying the rectifier, that way you can enjoy the bike till they get them in stock.. 3. Write to Suzuki Canada and read them the Riot Act, those bastards in Toronto deserve it. :p

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  • Mike (Vancouver BC)

    What year and model is your bike?

  • Ray(Australia)

    Does this list include bikes sold in Australia?

  • Mike 2

    Mike vancouver. What riot act re what topic what is the going to so. Also the recall came out now. They probably knew something was up but needed to wait and see what the issue is and how to rectify it. Manufactures don’t issue recalls that fast without proper tests,

  • Scott Moore

    My 07 Boulevard has a bad rectifier.

  • Tim Kenley

    I have the same bike with the same problems . here is how to fix it. Suzuki just recalled 2008 and up but this fixed my bike. The problem is with how the
    regulator is “grounded”. Black lead with white tracer is grounded
    through the harness at some point and goes through many plugs or
    connections along the way. Solution is to “add” a secure “ground point”
    directly to the frame just after the regulator. Cut the black wire with
    white tracer just before the rec/reg plug. Leave yourself a couple
    inches. Splice in a short #14 gauge black ground lead and ground it
    directlty to an engine bolt ( I used one of the clutch cover bolts) Use
    water proof heat shrink connectors and button everything up. Now check
    your voltage and you should see voltage at 12.85 to 14.1 at
    all speeds. let me know if this helps