Suzuki Motor of America may be still a young company, having just come out of the ashes of American Suzuki’s bankruptcy, but it has some big shoes to fill today, as the NHTSA has announced the brand’s massive recall of its GSX-R sport bikes.

Citing an issue where a combination of older brake fluid and corrosion to the brake piston, inside the front brake master cylinder, could lead to the generation of gas, which in-turn could reduce the fluid pressure to the front brake, this massive recall spans the 2004-2013 Suzuki GSX-R600 and Suzuki GSX-R750 motorcycles, as well as the Suzuki GSX-R1000 from 2005 to 2013.

In total, the recall affects 210,228 motorcycles. Suzuki will notify affected owners, and dealers will replace the front brake master cylinder free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on November 4, 2013. Concerned owners may contact Suzuki at 1-800-572-1490. Suzuki’s campaign numbers for this recall are: 2A (31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36).

As always, the NHTSA is also available at 1-888-327-4236 and safercar.gov.

Source: NHTSA

  • paulus

    WOW. that is a massive number to deal with.
    A surprise development for Suzuki…. but sh*t happens and if they deal with it properly it will reinforce their reputation.

  • Aj

    They should have recalled the 07’s for their brittle frame welds. I hope they go down in flames.

  • JoeD

    How is it that recommended service intervals left undone by the registered owner/slacker are somehow the responsibility of the manufacturer? Any thing over two years old has a mandatory fluid change. Once again, irresponsible owners cost all of us.

  • You do know the type of people buying these things have no clue what a service interval is right…

  • Mr.X

    Who makes Suzuki’s master cylinders? Anyone know?
    It doesn’t seem like it would be ONLY Suzuki.

  • J

    How about breaking frames up by the gas tank ?

  • G

    Good timing on this. I was pushing my ’07 750 out of the garage a couple of weekends ago and the front brake lever bottomed out against the grip. I had changed the fluid and bled the brakes less than 12 months prior when I installed new stainless steel lines.

  • Don

    Rats!!! I hate having my 750 worked on! Its been just amazing to ride. Now some bone head will mess it up!!

  • Josh

    Sigh…if we only had tiered licensing like Europe I wouldn’t have to see squid postings on here…if you can’t bleed brakes on a motorcycle then you shouldn’t be able to buy one!! Tat being said I think we need to organize a squid challenge…where a guy/girl who actually knows how to ride takes a tiny 250 out on some twisty’s and humiliates all the bad boys who think they know what there doing on a “real” bike!

  • Ian

    Why do people use the word squid so much?

    In my experience, riders who call other riders “squids” usually aren’t very good riders themselves. Usually, the most skilled and mechanically proficient riders try to help other riders progress in a constructive way. People who go around calling other riders squids are usually pretty douchey.

    But, that is just in my experience.