Zero Motorcycles Delays Zero S, Recalls Zero X & MX

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Problems seem to be afoot at Zero Motorcycles this month as the company has recalled nearly 200 Zero X and Zero MX motorcycles for malfunctioning throttles. Zero is also delaying its 2010 Zero S supermoto because of problems with the motor over-heating. More on both announcements after the jump.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has released a recall for the 2009 Zero X and Zero MX series of motorcycles. The bikes have a problem with their throttle assembly, which can apparently become disconnected, or get stuck in the wide-open position. Making matters worse, the issue seems to be most prevalent when the motorcycle is turned on, which can catch riders off-guard. Reportedly, one accident has already occurred with minor injuries.

Zero X & MX owners should immediately stop using their motorcycles, and contact Zero Motorcycles to schedule a free repair. Registered owners of the affected motorcycles have been mailed a direct notice. Zero can be reached toll-free at (888) 786-9376, or visit the firm’s Web site at for more information.

The gloom doesn’t stop there, as it has become apparent that under certain circumstances that Zero S’s motor can over-heat. Zero is reportedly already using a new motor now, that fixes the problem and increases the bike’s top speed. Future owners who already have a deposit down on a Zero S can choose to take delivery of their motorcycle now, and receive an upgraded motor in the future, or wait until the 2010 model comes out. Expect to see the 2010 Zero S grace the streets this coming April.

Source: CPSC & AutoBlog Green