Recall: Honda Stateline & Interstate Custom Cruisers

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Honda is recalling certain 2010 Stateline and Interstate custom cruisers (VT1300CR, VT1300CRA, & VT1300CT) for an incorrect GAWR label. It seems Yamaha isn’t the only company to make a stupid mistake during assembly, as Honda’s GAWR labels (the little label that tells you how much weight you can pack on your bike) incorrectly states the Stateline and Interstate’s GAWR, meaning the bikes could be overloaded by an owner.

The recall affects just 3,184 motorcycles, which were made from December 17, 2009 to May 24, 2010, and will take place around August 20th. Owners will be mailed a new GAWR sticker, which can be applied by a Honda dealer if the owner wishes. Honda can be reached at 1-310-783-2000, referencing recall number R41. As always the NHTSA can be reached at

Source: NHTSA