Polaris Slingshot Recalled for Rear Wheel That Might Fall Off

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If you have a Polaris Slingshot (circa 2020-2021) in your garage, you might want to check your rear wheel before you take it for its next drive.

This is because Polaris is recalling over 4,700 units of its 2020-2021 Slingshot three-wheelers because their rear wheel studs may not have been fully pressed into the axle by the supplier, which possibly could cause them to come loose.

An improperly installed rear wheel stud could lead to loosening of the rear lug nuts, resulting in a loose or detached rear wheel during operation, which could lead to a crash.

According to recall documents, in or about May 2021, as part of Polaris’ routine review of warranty claims, the company identified eight warranty claims for noise and vibration complaints. The source of the noise/vibration was determined to be loose lug nuts at the rear wheel.

From there, Polaris began an investigation, which included outreach to the component supplier. Polaris learned that during the supplier’s press fit assembly process, a portion of the splines is stripped, which prevents the studs from being fully pressed/seated during assembly or when the lug nut is torqued. Over time, the lug nuts at the rear wheel can loosen.

On August 3, 2021, Polaris’ Executive Review Committee decided that the supplier’s press fit assembly process resulted in a safety-related defect.

To remedy the issue, Slingshot dealers will inspect and as necessary, replace the rear axle/stud assembly, free of charge.

Polaris has not yet provided a schedule for recall notification, but concerned Slingshot owners may contact Polaris customer service at 1-855-863-2284. Polaris’ number for this recall is T-21-01.

As always, the NHTSA is also available at 1-888-327-4236 and

Source: NHTSA