Brembo Recall Hits Husqvarna FS450 Abroad, USA Next?

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The Brembo master cylinder continues to affects motorcycle brands with high-performance machines in their lineup, and now Husqvarna is part of the massive recall as well.

Though not listed by Brembo in its initial press statement as an affected OEM, Husqvarna does seem to have one model of motorcycle that uses the faulty master cylinder design: the track-only Husqvarna FS450 supermoto.

Last week, a press release about a FS450 recall was released by Husqvarna for markets abroad, however no word yet has come from Husqvarna North America about the recall, nor have we seen anything yet from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

In the European notice, bikes from the 2016, 2017, and 2018 model years are affected by the recall, with Husqvarna citing the same concerns that the polymer piston inside the master cylinder might fracture, causing the master cylinder to fail.

Given what we have seen from other manufacturers regarding the faulty Brembo master cylinders, it would be hard to imagine Husqvarna North America not issuing a recall for the Husqvarna FS450, though we will have to wait to hear from Husqvarna for official details.

With the Husqvarna FS450 being a bit of a specialty item in the North American market, it doesn’t surprise us to hear that plans are still forming regarding the issues with Brembo.

We will keep you posted though, once we get official word from Husqvarna North America.

Source: Husqvarna

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