BMW Recalls Over 2000 K-Series Motorcycles

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BMW is recalling over 2000 K1300S & K13ooGT motorcycles, from the 2009 & 2010 model years, because of a possible issue with their fueling system, which may lead to the motorcycles stalling during operation. When fueled with poor quality gasoline, the throttle bodies on the K-bikes run the risk of becoming clogged with small deposits, which could lead to the motor stalling.

The problem seems to occur especially during low-rpm’s, typically near the bikes’ idling speed, and as it approaches a stop. Because of the deposits, the flow of air into the chamber is disrupted, and the bike stalls, which creates a safety hazard to the rider(s).

With the recall expected to take place in January 2010, BMW will contact owners and repair the motorcycles free of charge to rectify the problem. Concerned owners can contact BMW at  1-201-307-4000, or contact the NHTSA  by phone at  1-888-327-4236, or go to their website at

Source: NHTSA