BMW Sends Letter to Dealers About Recent Recalls

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BMW is up to its fifth recall, in just five weeks, with a bevy of models been hit with safety concerns. The first recall was for the German company’s flagship model, the BMW R1200GS, which could see its front suspension fail if the motorcycle was subjected to hard use.

The second recall affected BMW models that shipped with panniers, as they did not meet federal requirements for vehicle reflectors. The third recall was for BMW R1200RT Police models, while the fourth recall concerned the wheels on two of BMW’s scooter models.

Today marked BMW’s fifth recall, which affects over 3,000 units of its BMW R nineT roadster model, as they could suffer from a swingarm pivot point pin coming loose.

With the news of all these recalls, BMW Motorrad USA has also sent a letter to its dealers, outlining the status of each recall, how BMW is going to help dealers through this massive slew of recalls, and what the brand will do for its affected customers.

Despite its plethora of recalls this year, BMW Motorrad is typically very good at handling recall situations, both for its customers, but also for its dealerships.

Unsurprisingly then, the BMW Motorrad letter shows how BMW dealers will be compensated for the “Stop Sale” on several of the brand’s motorcycles, and it shows how BMW will handle delays for replacement parts.

With BMW Motorrad posting record sales year after year, it seems unlikely that this spat of recalls will slow that momentum in the short term. However, one has to wonder how these repeated recall notifications will affect the perception of the German brand’s quality standards.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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