In two weekends from, now grand prix motorcycle racing will be at Silverstone, and while the MotoGP Championship marches on, its progression means that soon we won’t have the color that Colin Edwards brings to the GP paddock.

Beloved by British motorcycle racing fans, Silverstone is sort of the last stop on the Texas Tornado’s farewell tour. But before we release Colin back into the wild (perhaps with a warning label), the motorcycle community has some goodbyes to make.

Our first chance will be on the Thursday of that race weekend, as Edwards will open the bidding at the Riders for Health Day of Champions auction (an awesome event, you should all attend if possible)…it’s surely going to be entertaining. Sunday’s race should be memorable as well.

And speaking of memories, Yamaha USA has compiled a very touching and well done video of Edwards’ career on two wheels. It’s after the jump, and worth watching…maybe twice.

Source: Yamaha USA; Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

  • james precious

    He brought more laughs and smiles to every fan world wide then any other rider! I hope he continues to live an incredible life.

    Thanks for eveything Collin!

    You Rock Brother!

  • L2C

    Yes, very cool video.

  • Vinod

    I always liked him. Farewell Colin. Love Yamaha!!

  • smilo998

    Much cheese but a great video. Shame he has gone and looking forward to the next one to spice up the paddock.
    WSBK 2001 and 2002 must be two of the best WSBK if not racing seasons ever.

  • KSW

    Dunlop, McGuinness, Edwards are all cut from the same cloth based on my observations. Look how much fun MGP was before some bloody Private Equity intervened. Mega! Now the handlers control the life out of the riders unless you’re Edwards or Rossi who won’t allow them.

    Enjoy life Mr. Edwards before the pain of all those injuries sets in later in life.

  • Nick

    Wow, this video is a great indication of how well respected he is in our community. The fact that Yamaha put together this reel, which highlighted his World Superbike Championships on a Honda, tells you everything you need to know. Beloved by most. I look forward to meeting him one of these days down in Conroe.