Sunday at Mugello with Jules Cisek

07/16/2012 @ 2:01 am, by Jules Cisek6 COMMENTS
  • Lewis C

    Thanx Jules. Soul.

  • Nice work Jules! Always great stuff.

  • Anti

    Really nice. I like so the content as in what the lens is aimed at. The depth of grit is good. Hope to see more of this on A&R.

  • thanks for all the feedback – it was my dream to click the shutter button at this track for 10 years at least.

    there’s actually 12 more photos in this set but i ran out of funds and time during the upload (the internet in italy is crap, ironic considering the mugello sponsor)

  • Great coverage of the weekend, Jules! Very pleased to see your work here at A&R.

  • 12 more photos just found there way into the gallery and post. Enjoy!