After a 50 Year Hiatus, Saroléa Announces Return to Racing

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Torsten Robbens, Project Manager at Belgium based Saroléa Motorcycles, has announced the company would be competing in the 2014 Isle of Man TT Zero challenge and the FIM eRoad Racing series.

After a 50 year hiatus this comes as a bit of a shock, since the company went defunct in 1963. Saroléa is one of Belgium’s oldest motorcycle companies and is seeking to reinvent itself with a new electric superbike.

The company’s hopes hinge on a new, ultra-light chassis that consists of a carbon fiber monocoque swing-arm mated to a carbon monotube frame bringing the total weight of the bike to 440 lbs. which, according to Saroléa, will allow the bike to accelerate from 0-60 in just under three seconds.

The new bike, dubbed the SP7, boasts some impressive numbers purportedly making 180hp which will allow the bike to reach speeds of 155mph. The SP7 is without a gearbox, and the single-speed design  employs regenerative braking.

All too often, we see companies making claims about what their electric superbike is capable of and…all too often those claims don’t pass the sniff test. Will we see Saroléas’ newest creation in the 2014 road racing season? We will find out if, and when, the rubber meets the road.

Source: Saroléa Motorcycles