Nicky Hayden Leaks Ducati GP10 Photo

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In a slightly bizzare manner, Nicky Hayden is responsible for the latest bit of news and photo leak from the MotoGP paddock. Making a stop in Bologna to celebrate the holidays with the Ducati Corse crew, in route to India to help open a Ducati store, Hayden got a chance to see the new Ducati GP10 race bike up-close. Armed with a cell phone, and a little indiscretion, the American rider snapped a photo of the new bike, posted the photo to his personal website, and there you have it.

Whether a part of a carefully put together marketing scheme or a careless mistake, we may never know, but the photo does reveal some highlights well before the GP10’s schedule debut in the middle of January.

With teams limited to only six engines throughout the 2010 season, motor longevity is at the top of everyone’s priority list. These photos show a significant increase in the venting areas of the desmo racer. Presumably this is done to help dissipate heat more effectively from the motor, thus improving the engine’s lifespan.

We won’t know all the changes done to the GP10 until January, but reports from Valencia’s testing session told of the new Ducati motor sounding different from the GP9, a change that is attributed to the bike running different valve timings. More info on the GP10 as we get it.

Source: GPone via MotoMatters