MotoGP: Hector Barbera Fractures Vertebrae at Indy

08/17/2012 @ 4:28 pm, by David Emmett9 COMMENTS

Hector Barbera will be forced to miss the Red Bull Indianapolis GP, after suffering a back injury during the morning session of Friday’s free practice for the MotoGP class. Barbera suffered a nasty highside at Turn 16, his rear wheel appearing to catch on a section of track which appeared still to be dirty, and in the ensuing crash, Barbera landed on his neck and fractured three dorsal vertebrae, D5, D6 and D8. He was taken to the local Indianapolis Methodist Hospital, and has been ruled unfit to race.

Toni Elias was already on hand in case Barbera proved not to be fit enough to ride due to the leg he broke in a motocross accident after Mugello. Barbera was making a return to the track just 29 days after surgery to pin the tibia and fibula, and had impressed a lot of people by choosing to ride. Unfortunately, this crash adds another, unrelated injury, and means that Barbera is likely to miss the Brno round the week after Indy, according to Catalunya Radio’s Damià Aguilar. Elias will also stand in for Barbera in the Czech Republic.

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  • anti

    Owch! That sucks, hope he recovers ok.

    Let’s hope Tiger Tony keeps it on rubber throughout race this time.

  • MikeD

    Well……..that blows. Heal soon man.

  • Gritboy

    Crap. Get better H.B.

  • motogpdr

    that press release is using ancient terminology…they are referred to now (since the 70s) as thoracic vertebrae and most like they are what are referred to as burst fractures based on mechanism of impact and injury…needless to say Mr. Barbera is quite lucky to not have a significant spinal cord lesion as a result. As a physician (neurology) I’m still not convinced that he doesnt have neurologic deficits….sometimes the teams don’t release all the information that they actually have… any event, he has my heartfelt and sincere wish for a speedy recovery and I hope I am wrong….

  • Andrew

    Speaking of neurologic deficits.

    motogpdr sometimes it’s just easier to say fractured vertebra?

  • Brandon

    He should take the rest of the year off. Don’t need to push for a third accident.

  • John

    Andrew, motogpdr is referring to the article’s use of the term “dorsal vertebrae” as opposed to the more modern and common term of “thoracic vertebrae.”

  • In the article’s defense, it’s just using the same terminology released by physicians at the track.

    As for Hector, I wish him a speedy and complete recovery. And may Toni do a great job for the team this weekend and in Brno.

  • Barry Stewart

    Can somebody please explain why Leatte neck braces (and variants such as the Alpinestars device) which are designed to prevent or mitigate such injuires, are rarely used in closed circuit road racing? They are routinely used by motorcross riders.