Mission One – Final Testing and Crated to IOM

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The day of reckoning for the TTXGP entrants is almost upon us. In just a short matter of months we’ve seen a handful of dedicated teams take on the challenge of building a fully electrically powered superbike motorcycle fit for FIM sanctioned racing.

Not at an easy feat to say the least.

Now granted, there’s still the matter of 30+ mile course to be covered, and of course all the chaos and excitement of race day, but all of the entrants should be proud of the hard work, and sleepless nights we’re sure they have encountered on their way to the Isle of Man TT.

One such team is Mission Motors (yeah, so we’ve got a little bias for the home town favorite). In February of this year, we teased you with the . But it wasn’t until April that we saw the first glimpses of the bike making laps in its physical form. Still looking like the bike rendered on the computer screen, it didn’t stop us from being just a little surprised to see a) that they actually came through with their promise, but also b) they did it in 2 months time!

Fast-forward to this past weekend, and we see that Mission Motors has indeed been getting things ready down to the wire, with one last road test with the aerodynamical fairing. To commemorate finally crating the TTXGP racer, the SF crew has made a promo video of their creation, and they can join Brammo and MotoCzysz in taking a sigh of relief at getting the bikes off to IOM, however short-lived that break may be before landing on the island and getting to work again.

Source: Plug Bike