IOMTT: Greeba Castle with Tony Goldsmith

05/28/2014 @ 2:51 pm, by Tony Goldsmith3 COMMENTS


We were treated to perfect conditions for Tuesday evenings practice and after a bit of deliberation I decided to go to the Greeba Castle section of the course.

Greeba Castle is a tight S-bend lined with trees and Manx stone walls. The riders have been flat on the stop for two or three miles before breaking hard into this section. The first left-hander is taken quite slowly before they drive through the right-hander and out into a pocket of sunlight, before disappearing out of sight and onto the Alpine section.

I hadn’t photographed there before, in truth I had been put off a little as I’d heard it was tricky as you are perched on top of 5 1/2 foot wall. As the sun was shining I decided it was the perfect night to go and try it out.

The stories I’d been told of the wall were not exaggerated, and not being as mobile as I once was once took a few attempts to get up. You might be thinking that 5 1/2 feet doesn’t sound very much, but when you are sitting on it, planning an escape route, it looks like 10 feet.

Thankfully I didn’t have to throw myself from the wall, the only problem encountered where the dreaded Manx Midges. My head has started itching again as I begin to think about the little bastards.











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  • KSW


    Great job as always! Nice light it was last night.

    Did you have to mention the midges and remind me? Ouch! M8 that wall doesn’t even have the thorn bushes and jiggers I encountered at the exit just around the bend about an 1/8 mile further last year. Yes, they would let me go in there the Marshal said. “No one ever wanted too before” I should have listened. We are getting older.
    Drizzle on the way out tonight had me turn around and it seems I didn’t miss much after all. Best of tomoz.

  • G B

    Great shots! Thanks for rock climbing. This angle really gives you the feel of being there. I look forward to seeing more of your fine photography.

  • Sim

    Good job you weren’t there on Wednesday night practice in 1995, I high sided into the wall & broke both legs an arm and shoulder, would have been a good pic though!
    Excellent shots.