American Flat Track at the Arizona Mile with Scott Jones

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Our man Scott Jones was out at the Arizona Mile recently, with the American Flat Track racing, doing what he does best. Shooting the fourth round of the season, Scott got to document the resurgence we’ve seen in American Flat Track racing.

As usual, his photos are outstanding, and we hope that we will see him at a few more AFT races this year. Above, a pack of AFT Twins riders chase down Brad Baker. Check out the other photos, after the jump. -JB

Even for the well-funded Indian Motorcycle team, there is no MotoGP-style hospitality or rider offices. Brad Baker contemplates the Mile in the back of the Baker-Smith team truck.

2013 champ Brad Baker is usually at the front, but he is still looking for his first victory of 2017.

Reigning Grand National Champion Bryan Smith won his 20th Mile in Arizona.

Where does the expression “Number 1 Plate” come from? Here’s Bryan Smith’s in action.

Some Indian Motorcycle fans are quite pleased to see the brand back at the front of AFT racing.

The Indian Scout FTR 750s of Jared Mees.

Anti-wheelie electronics on AFT bikes? I did see mechanics plugging laptops into the Indian and H-D bikes, but I suspect the sophistication of flat track electronics is slightly below the MotoGP level.

They say MotoGP is a small world of its own that travels from city to city. American Flat Track is a large family that travels from city to city. Every rider received a fist bump or other greeting on his way to the Twins Final grid.

Jared Mees leads this heat, one of many stopped for a red flag.

Sammy Halbert is fourth in the championship on a Yamaha.

Shayna Texter won the AFT Singles class in a close 15-lap race.

Texter’s .041 of a second win was her first victory since the 2013 season, but she’s on a roll in 2017, having finished second in the previous Singles main and third in the one before that.

Can you tell which boot stays on a foot peg and which rides the dirt?

Shiny side down.

AFT front tires go out with vent spews intact but the rear tires get the rasp treatment. And apparently, they mount the rear tire backwards.

The 2017 Wrecking Crew is looking for competition from someone not on an Indian Motorcycle machine – all four AFT Twins races in 2017 have been won by Bryan Smith (1) or Jared Mees (9).

Photos: © 2017 Scott Jones / Photo.GP – All Rights Reserved