By now, I’m sure you all have read Sean’s perspective on Dirt Quake USA (if you haven’t, well that was your cue right there), and how it was a flat-track event by only the loosest of definitions.

I was pretty bummed to miss this event myself, but I’m glad Dirt Quake USA made it onto the pages of Asphalt & Rubber nonetheless. So, big thanks to Sean for “pretending” to be a dirty bearded, skinny jean wearing, no good, hipster. He really melted into the scene, and captured the vibe.

What really appeals me to these events, put on by the good folk at Sideburn Magazine, is that it brings riding a motorcycle back to just being something fun that we do. You remember fun, right? It was some made up game with a ball during recess, it was that thing you waited all year for summer to bring, it’s why you bought a motorcycle in the first place (hopefully).

These Dirt Quake folks get it, and I hope you do too. Check out the video after the jump, their fun cup runneth over. Make sure yours does too.

Source: Sideburn (Blog); Photo: © 2014 Ash Good / One Human Story – All Rights Reserved

  • paulus

    I have got to admit… this looks fun. Well done to all involved.

    Racing and riding get too serious at times, there is nothing like a good fun ride with your mates.

    Sunday Enduro with friends, a lot of miles a lot of laughs. Touring with a couple of good buddies. Awesome.
    An event like this would be most welcome.

  • Pietro

    When and where was this? I couldn’t find any info on this event

  • Ghost Spray

    Shoot…looks like there were more people at Dirt Quake then there were at Laguna Seca for World Superbike…seriously. I’d say Thor and friends are on to something real good. Nest year I’ll plan accordingly!

  • irksome

    I’m thinking a taller sprocket and some motocross bars on my old Speed Triple… wonder if I can fit a knobby.

    Hell, I’ll just chop it out and go kick some v-twin butt!

  • proudAmerican

    You know it’s going to be a good day when you line-up at the starting line, look left and right at the competition, and realize you’re gridded with a Sleestak.

  • MikeD

    That was AWESOME, looked more fun than a barrel full of monkeys.

    The very end was BOUNCY/GLORIOUS, lol.

  • MikeD
  • irksome

    @MikeD: I have died and gone to ice racing heaven.