Casey Stoner Rules Out a MotoGP Return…Again

06/15/2013 @ 1:04 am, by David Emmett17 COMMENTS


Casey Stoner has quashed rumors that he could make a return to MotoGP. In an interview with the British magazine Autosport, he says he will not come back to Grand Prix racing while it continues in the direction it is heading in. “I’m closed. I’m done with it,” Stoner told Autosport.

There have been persistent rumors that Stoner could come back for a couple of wildcards at the end of the season, though the Australian has denied he would be interested in coming in as a wildcard.

More outlandish rumors surfaced a month ago, claiming that Stoner was close to making a shock return to Ducati, and that the Italian company’s new German ownership had offered him a large sum to race again.

But Stoner told Autosport that there was no truth in either of those rumors, and he had absolutely no interest in a return to MotoGP at the moment.

Stoner’s difficult relationship with Dorna bosses, and especially the CEO of Dorna Carmelo Ezpeleta, had left the Australian disillusioned with the politics of the sport.

Only a radical change in technical direction might tempt him back, Stoner previously having joked that he might return “if they start racing 750cc two strokes”. While the technical rules remain in the hands of the MSMA, that will not happen.

He missed riding a bike, Stoner said, but he could do that without going racing. The politics were what kept him away, he told Autosport: “Honestly the rest of it was too far out for me to want to, or think about, going back.”

He still followed the sport, Stoner told Autosport, but only as a casual fan. His loyalty lay with the team, he said, and the mechanics he had worked so closely with during his years at Ducati and Honda.

Source: Autosport; Photo: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

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  • BBQdog

    I would welcome some more foreigners in this Spanish Open Championship.

  • L2C

    No surprise there. But this won’t do anything to stop the Casey Comeback Crazies from claiming that Stoner is the best, and that his win on the Ducati proves it, and that when he does make his comeback, he will do it on the Ducati again just to make a stronger point, and that no rider has ever existed that can ride as good as he can, and that no rider will come to exist in the future to overshadow his greatness because, again, Ducati. And Ducati some more. And still more Ducati. Because long live Stoner because Ducati 2007.

  • irksome

    Casey who?

    Oh yeah, the guy who quit his day job who thinks his comments are still relevant; the Sarah Palin of MotoGP.

  • Westward

    Stoner ?

    The who infactically stated that he would not race @ Motegi because of the Fukushima disaster, and then did. Also the same guy that implied his retirement was a rumour, and then a few weeks later did.

    I stand corrected, Stoner is the rock of Gibraltar….

  • Damo


  • Gutterslob

    That’s a tad rude. Stoner never claimed that he could see Russia from Australia.

  • Idgy

    Its just sad that this happened – how many other sports see their top stars quit and walk away like this?

  • kev71

    Good Riddance! I hope he is a man of his words and does not come back.

  • mxs

    You guys are nuts … so much hate for a quick guy who likes to say it as it is. Sure he was not perfect, but who is? At least he always had interesting things to say. And nobody will ever beat hos slow motion footages …

    Let me guess, you prefer the darling Rossi or one of the boring spanish guys?

  • kev71

    I do happen to be a Rossi fan, since 1996 when I first got into racing. I respect Stoner for his talent, just wish he would have kept his mouth shut and kicked ass on the track. A man who bites the hand that feeds him will soon go hungry. Stoner knew this and retired at the top of his game. I admire him for this as well. Truthfully, I grew tired of his constant complaining. He had been racing pretty much his whole life. Maybe he grew tired of the lifestyle, maybe Dorna and\or Honda told him he needed to zip it and he saw it as a good way to get out. Maybe it was both; none the less, I am glad he left and hope he stays away and keeps his mouth shut (as he has done so far).

    As for the “boring Spanish guys,” do you mean their riding ability or personalities?

  • I loved watching Stoner ride – it was pure art.!
    To me – there is no art without a point of view or perspective.
    I celebrate that ..
    So Casey Stoner had all the right & more to voice his opinion& express his point of view
    – as do all artist in MotoGP..

  • pooch

    Haters gonna hate, and that’s nothing more boring than reading negativity without logic.

    No one can deny that Stoner in the current championship would at least upset the Spaniards domination of the Aliens scene ad provide even better racing.

    Maybe if Audi offered Stoner Rossi’s head on a Spike outside Dorna HQ. He might accept that. Oh hang on, he already took Rossi’s scalp.

  • TheSwede

    Stoner gets so much flak for no reason..

    Problem is the guy is just misunderstood. All he wants to do is race. That’s it. He even said he only cared about winning races, championships were a nice side effect of that at the end of the season. He was constantly in pursuit of the “perfect” race. He started every interview talking about the bike, the track, the tires, the weather. All the technical aspects of racing. Because if you perfect everything else, the only thing left is the riders skill. But if you don’t understand that, it all comes off as whining and complaining..

    Yes he liked to shoot his mouth off every now and then but it was hardly an everyday occurrence, and frankly who doesn’t? Cal has been particularly mouthy this season, and Edwards never pulls punches..

    If you honestly don’t think the racing would be even better/more exciting with him on the grid you’re just kidding yourself

  • Boztich

    BBQdog :-D likewise in 2011 and 12 the Repsol Cup..

  • smiler

    Handbags ladies.
    For those American amoungst us. How are they doing?
    Stoner was equal 6th in MotoGP wins in 2012 well ahead of such stars as Roberts and Gardiner.
    He won 2 championships with 2 different manufacturers.
    Now having said that his talent was inversely proportional to his ability to keep his gob shut.

    But credit where credit is due. His form in MotoGP is as follows: 8th, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 4th, 1st, 3rd.

    Looking at this, what is particulary funny is the current situation:
    Rossi wins 105
    Lil Dani and Lorenzo I’ll copythat 47 each. Merguez 27. Merguez has been at it since 2008. By then end of this year Rossi had 39 wins. Rossi’s record is safe I think.

  • @smiler: You’re slippin’, mate. If Marquez = Merguez, the least you could do is call Stoner ‘Vegemite’ and Roberts ‘Cheez Whiz’ or sommat. Good grief, man, attention to detail!

  • mxs

    @kev71 says:

    As for the “boring Spanish guys,” do you mean their riding ability or personalities?

    Personalities on all days (I guess the language barrier is part of it, but charisma and lack of straight shooting is another ….). Riding not so, because all can ride, I think we all recognize that … but their racing pedigree is somewhat not excitement promoting. Marquez seems to be different, just the way he talks about risks and how he applies …. Lorenzo and Dani will settle if everything is not perfect on a given day. I’d take Cal Crutchlow any day over them … do you see the difference?