Brammo Caught Out Practicing for TTXGP

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First to arrive on the Isle of Man, Brammo has been the most photogenic of the TTXGP contestants from the United States. If IOM gossip is to be believed, the team has been spotted swinging the occasional wrench in between pub hosted team meetings. 

Today on the Isle, Brammo was out testing the TTR on a 40 mile circuit. While they haven’t been out on the full Mountain Course yet, they were able to test the TTR over the 40 miles at a continuous race pace, with a focus on the increasing the endurance of the electric race bike. They were kind enough to shoot a couple shots of Roy Richardson putting the TTR through its paces. Photos after the jump.

Without supposing too much, we imagine the going strategy in the TTXGP paddock is for the bike to run out of peak power just as it crosses the finish line. This would allow the teams to squeeze every last bit of energy out of their Lithium ion battery packs, and run the bikes as quickly as possible on the long drawn out straightaways that the Mountain Course has to offer.

Judging the distance however, is a very fine line of chance. After all, who wants to push 350+ lbs of batteries that last 100m?

We haven’t been able to get any performance figures out of Brammo, or any of the other teams at this point (not that we’re really surprised). But as the unofficial practice times on the Mountain Course start coming in, you can expect to see them here on A&R.