MotoGP: Ben Spies Will Skip the Jerez Round

04/24/2013 @ 11:48 am, by David Emmett13 COMMENTS


Ben Spies will not take part in the Spanish MotoGP round at Jerez, scheduled to take place on May 5th. The Texan has been advised to withdraw to undergo further physical rehabilitation after suffering severe muscle pain in his back and chest at Austin.

The problems are a result of the extended recovery period from the surgery he had on the shoulder he injured at Sepang in October last year. Injuries to shoulder ligaments are notorious for taking a long time to heal, and for patients to recover their full strength, and it is this which has been dogging the Texan.

With his right shoulder still very weak, Spies has been forced to try to compensate using his back and chest, and this is placing too much strain on his muscles while riding. The Ignite Pramac rider will have further rehab to deal with the strained muscles, and get him ready to return at the Le Mans round in just over three weeks’ time. After the jump is the press release from the Ignite Pramac team on Spies’ condition.

Ben Spies to miss Jerez race

Unfortunately, the pain felt by the Ignite Pramac Racing Team rider at the end of the warm up during last weekend in Austin (Texas), has had more serious consequences than expected.

As a result, Ben Spies will not be able to race at the next round of the Championship, held on May 5th in Jerez, Spain.

After taking part regularly in the Texan race, in which he finished in 13th position, the American rider was seen by his medical staff, who advised him three consecutive weeks of intense rehab in order to alleviate the strain in his pectorals and back muscles.

Despite the constant improvement in the condition of his shoulder after recent surgery, Ben still needs further intense work to build up his muscle, and to acquire the necessary strength which will enable him to endure the stress during the race. Therefore the therapy will be different to what he has done so far, focused on limb mobility, thanks to his better physical condition. These three weeks of therapy will allow the Texan to be back for the Le Mans race.

Source: Pramac Racing; Photo: © 2013 Scott Jones / Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

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  • TheSwede

    Gutted. As soon as Ben can shake the last remnants of back luck carrying over from 2012 I know he’ll be running with Nicky and Dovi.. Here’s to a comeback in LeMans

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Two kinds of luck in this world. Insane how much of the bad kind Ben’s had lately.

    Here, here, to a big comeback at LeMans (a track Ben hates).

    It is a long season, time is on his side.

    Hope he’s back in the saddle soon.

  • Mike Hunt

    Michele Pirro

  • Tim M

    I worry for Ben. Too many injuries lately and if he has more, he’s going to lose his ride and have trouble signing another GP ride. I think of John Hopkins, someone who has so much potential but with his history of injuries may be seen as a risky signing. Pro racing is a tough business and sponsors want results and not down time. I sure hope things get better quickly both for him and the Duc.

  • “Michele Pirro”

    I agree. Let’s see whether Pramac and Ducati have such foresight. Certainly, it would be an additional incentive for Pirro, who has already been promised various wildcard rides.

  • smiler

    You have to wonder about his toughness. Look at Doohan’s leg, Rossi’s leg break, Sheene after Daytona……..
    It is a shame but it also depends how much he wants to race.

  • Slangbuster

    In addition to his injuries, source say Ben has suffered major bouts of indigestion after being in the middle of all those CRT sandwiches. I’m thinking it might be the bad mayonnaise. Hope he gets well soon.

  • ZootCadillac

    This was kind of expected. It was clear to see at Qatar that it was affecting him. At Austin he was walking wounded, holding his shoulder all the time. Pramac and Spies hid the extent of his surgery, by design or accident I have no idea but the fact is the guy has had a full shoulder reconstruction. How long do you think that would keep you off work, let alone off a bike?

    The talk of Pirro replacing him? I don’t think that helps anyone. Pirro had a wildcard for the race, I suppose that would be on an iteration of the GP13. Putting him on Spies’ bike will not get Ducati the data they expected from the 3 wildcards Pirro will run this year.

    If they insist on running Ben’s bike then either Battaini or a quick enough Moto2 rider willing to give up his ride must surely be the answer? I think for the sake of development Pirro must run as a wildcard as planned.

  • TexusTim

    I’m sorry Zoot, but i think they should have not made him ride this weekend.
    I can’t belive if his shoulder was that bad they would sign him and then force him to ride when cleraly he is less than 75 % wouldnt that cause more injury ?……I’m just trying to understand how a million dollar rider gets thrown out there with that type of injury ? because of pressure ?? if injured that bad there will be no info he can offer and possably crash and upset the repair.
    I am not hating on Ben I dont think ducatti should make him or anyone ride if they hire him knowing his injury. testing or no testing it’s no way to bring him back…now he has to sit out and here all the speculation…ductti doesnt need to worry about selling ducs in the states that bad

  • “You have to wonder about his toughness. Look at Doohan’s leg, Rossi’s leg break, Sheene after Daytona……..”

    Those injuries are by no means equivalent. Broken bones actually heal a lot faster than an A-C separation and are much less painful. Having lived through both types of injuries, I can say that, for me, recovery from the A-C separation was one of the most painful and prolonged recoveries I’ve ever experienced. You might wonder about Ben’s toughness. I sure as hell don’t. He has my complete empathy.

  • Gritboy

    It’s too bad Ben didn’t take a full season of racing off. He needs to ditch the mom, heal his body and find his focus again.

  • pooch

    People say it’s bad luck…but sorry, you don’t have bad luck for years on end. If Ben’s always pushing at 110% and crashing more than he should, then that’s not enough to be someone in MotoGP.

    What future on a Ducati ? There isn’t one. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but even goats have had to stomach that one.

    Take a year off, ride your bicycle….then get on an Aprilia in WSBK and kick ass! I think it’s a crying shame Ben has slipped into obscurity all too soon. I’d love to see those elbows flying and winning again just don’t think there is room in MotoGP for him.

  • Westward

    Rossi’s leg injury isn’t what hurt him the most in 2010, it was the shoulder injury during training after his win at Qatar that was the most deleterious.

    A healthy Spies could ride with the best of them. Once fully healed, Spies will shine, even on the Ducati…

    There is definitely a place for Spies in MotoGP which is why he is there, ans should be next season as well…