MotoGP rider Anthony West announced today his withdrawal from racing for the 2012 season, and likely his retirement from racing altogether. The Australian rider has had an up and down career, with two seasons in the premier class, along with the occasional forays and the 2009 season in World Supersport racing.

His best season, the 2003 250cc championship, saw West place seventh overall, scoring a single win and four total podium finishes during his run. Ant West spent the past two seasons riding in the Moto2 Championship for MZ-RE Honda, and was about to return to the premier class with the Speed Master team on a Aprilia CRT bike, but now says he won’t be able to compete because of a lack of personal sponsorship..

West wrote on his Facebook page, “I (ANTHONY WEST) will not race in moto gp this year or any other race because I can not find sponsorship to pay the SPEED MASTER team,” adding, “Because all teams are asking for money from the riders only the rich can race in motogp / moto2 / moto3.” He continued to explain that he “can not even afford to ride a year for free,” as he has not yet been paid for last season’s effort with MZ.

In a sad state of affairs, West also said, “I had my car mx bike and my house for sale trying to keep the ride and even gave the house as a guarantee if I did not find the money but was not enough.” The Australian concluded, “I will most likely not race any more and will retune [sic] back to australia to find a normal job.”

Source: Anthony West (Facebook); Photo: Anthony West (Facebook)

  • Rob

    A sad thing to hear when a man cannot pursue his dreams because of a lack of funds.

  • Minibull

    That is just so sad to hear…not being paid…then having to return to a normal job after doing what he has done…

  • Bjorn

    It’s a sad state of affairs when talent is not enough.

  • Personal sponsorship is a sad state of affairs in modern-day MotoGP and F1. With the economic climate, teams are struggling. Just watch a 500 race from, say, the 1995 season and the grid is packed. There are half as many bikes in the premier class now. Sad.

  • Westward

    It’s a sad commentary on the management of Dorna, to have set up a series where pilots have to pay to ride. Pilots should be paid to ride. That being said, West was not very likely to make a difference in MotoGP anyway, more likely to be a moving obstacle for the real competition.

    I’d rather see a championship series were everyone is likely to be the champion and every bike is equal to the task. The CRT’s should have their own separate category of racing… Oh thats right, they call it WSBK…

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  • Westward, you can’t blame Dorna for the state of the global economy. Sponsors have left the paddock in droves, all while the cost of running a competitive team continues to go up. CRTs are merely the MotoGP equivalent of what F1 did to reduce operational costs. The bigger the grid, the better chance of having exciting racing. Frankly, seeing a 20-bike grid in the premier class is disappointing. Moto2 offers a heck of a lot of bang for the buck and some of the best racing I’ve ever seen.

  • unfortunately this happens all too often. Racers with real potential lost due to lack of funds. They sell off everything to pay to play the game, chasing the dream, sometimes destroying their personal lives to keep going. This is why motorcycle racing is and always will be a hobby to me – making a living at it is a hard road. Best of luck to him finding a ‘normal’ job