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Analysis: The Devil Is in the Details of the KTM RC 8C

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The KTM RC 8C just dropped, and it is quite the stunner. More so, the bike is destined to be an absolute blast to ride on the track, since it is built upon the Kramer GP2 890R platform.

With the Austrian firm’s 890cc parallel-twin engine at the heart of the machine, and making close to 130hp (94 kW), it would be easy to get infatuated with the bike’s brawn, but it is really its nimble nature that makes the RC 8C such a weapon.

The Kramer 25CrMo4 steel chassis gets the wet weight down to just 304 lbs (140kg), and we are thankful that the Austrians provided photos of what is underneath the machine’s fairings, because that is where the true art of this motorcycle resides.

We can see more easily here the crash bobbins that are mounted to the frame on a three-pointed plate, which helps distribute around the frame the impact forces of a crash, thus helping to avoid a bent chassis during a high-speed off.

We can also see how the tail section doubles as a fuel tank (the faux fuel tank is actually the airbox, built to KTM’s standards), and how sighting holes are made on the left-hand side of the tank so one can still make suspension adjustments.

Mounting to the frame in six places, two of the mounting points use eccentric rounds, which allow for the seat height to be adjusted up and down (the other four mounting points help secure the tail section in place).

At the top of the fuel tank is a breather and catch can, made out of a 3D printed plastic.

The aluminum swingarm has a removable chin scoop, which was the height of controversy in MotoGP not so long ago, and of course KTM has developed winglets for the front of the bike as well.

The rearsets are also adjustable up and down, in three positions, but the most clever aspect is that the mounting plates and footpegs are identical for both sides, making it easier to have replacement parts in case of a crash.

The triple clamp also has an offset adjustment of +/- 1° in half-degree increments, for those looking to change their front-end geometry.

Moving down the forks, one finds that the KTM RC 8C has dual rotors at the front, which are curiously sized at 290mm, rather than the 320mm or 330mm you would typically expect on a current sport bike.

This makes better sense when you remember the 300 lbs wet-weight figure, as that level of stopping force isn’t entirely need, and the smaller brake discs can help reduce the amount of rotating mass.

With the Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA radial master cylinder though, we can assure you that there is plenty of stopping power, and the street-focused calipers allow for a wide range of pads and less maintenance than your typical race caliper.

Another item of note is the carbon fiber front fender, which has a quick disconnect feature that makes front wheel swaps possible without removing the brake calipers.

With forged aluminum Dymag wheels as standard, you can also find carbon pieces that fit the KTM RC 8C front end as well, from the British wheel-maker.

If you look closely at the naked shots, you will see that KTM RC 8C comes safety wired from the factory, and is truly “ready to race” upon delivery.

The price tag of $38,999 MSRP comes with a bit of sticker shock, but for those who have built a 600cc class race bike for the front of the racing grid, the cost might not be too crazy.

For sure, you will be the talk of your local track day or club race, if you show up with one of these on your trailer.

Source: KTM