Paddock Pass Podcast #96 – Ducati Aero Swingarm MotoGP Special

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Episode 96 of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and this one is a special show on the MotoGP’s handling of Ducati’s aerodynamic swingarm appendage, aka “The Spoon” device. 

As such, this means that we see Steve English and David Emmett on the mics, first discussing the issues around the MotoGP rulebook, the appeals process for protesting Ducati’s swingarm, and how the MotoGP Court of Appeal came to its decision.

The show is a fascinating and exhaustive look into the matter, which we think you will find very interesting. Of course, the decision will have big implications for the MotoGP paddock, as we go further into the dark world of aerodynamic development.

Once that conversation is done, we turn our attention to the upcoming Argentinean GP and what we can expect from the three grand prix classes. You can expect another show from us on that race, later next week.

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Source: SoundCloud