Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 195 – Moto3 Season Preview

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Episode 195 of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out, and this show is the third of three season-preview shows that we will be releasing this week. This must mean that we are talking about the start of the Moto3 Championship.

On the mics, we have Steve English, David Emmett, Neil Morrison, and Adam Wheeler, and they are joined with an interview with Moto3 Darryn Binder. Just as in the other previews, the show runs through the expectations for the year.

In the show, the crew talks about the favorites in the Moto3 class, the pressure on riders like John McPhee to win the title in his last year in the class; what experienced riders like Niccolo Antonelli and Romano Fenati have to achieve; whether Darryn Binder can challenge for the title now he has moved into the Petronas Sprinta team; and what we can expect from Jaume Masia, Gabri Rodrigo, and Jeremy Alcoba.

The guys also discuss Moto3’s outstanding crop of rookies, including Pedro Acosta and Izan Guevara, and what kind of impact they will have on the class in their first year.

And we talk to Darryn Binder, who talks about his high hopes for 2021, adapting to the Honda from the KTM, how hard it is to get into MotoGP coming from South Africa, and whether having a brother already in MotoGP is an advantage or disadvantage.

As always, the conversation is insightful and lively, and it helps prime us for the start of the MotoGP season this weekend.

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