US Highland Deal Could Lead To 20,000 Units/Year By 2012

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Oklahoma powersports startup US Highland recently announced they have one or two deals in the works. First they have a “tentative agreement” with a “global OEM” to license their motor technology. They are also discussing a deal to build bikes for a company to rebrand. It is unclear if the “global OEM” interested in their engines is the same one looking to rebrand the Highland machines.

However, both deals could bring US Highland from it’s original plan of building 700 motorcycles in 2010 and 1500 motorcycles next year to 20,000 units per year by 2012. To accommodate this growth US Highland will hire 200 to 300 people at their Oklahoma headquarters by the end of 2010. Hear more about US Highland and see the full press release after the break.

It may seem that US Highland came from nowhere. If you’ve spent any time browsing the dirt bike discussion forums over the last decade you have no doubt stumbled upon the Highland 950 vTwin dual sport motorcycles. They started showing up around the time KTM introduced the Adventure 950 and a few guys on have been active in posting the full details of life with a Highland 950.

The 950 vTwin has it’s roots in Sweden and the same engineering community Husqvarna taps for it’s dirtbikes. Highland’s 950 started life as a Folan engine. Company founder Mats Malmberg built Highland motorcycles around this engine and the Highland has since gone through multiple partners and relationships trying to bring the bike to the mass market.

In 2009 Highland morphed into US Highland and set up shop in Oklahoma where they have been racing supermoto and planning a handful of works level dirtbikes, dualsports, quads and street bikes based on variations of the 950. This includes a single cylinder 450 based on the 950 vTwin technology.

All US Highland motorcycles are built to the customer’s spec to best suit their riding style and preferred riding discipline. The bike fitting process starts with a test ride of a demo model at a US Highland dealership. The customer will be guided through a customization process where they choose and engine displacement, wheels, and other hard parts. Their body dimensions are measured and the suspension and ergonomics are custom ordered to give the rider a “works bike” quality fit. The order is entered via kiosk and sent to Oklahoma headquarters where the bike is built and delivered in about one week.

These works quality bikes will most likely not be cheap but fear not. US Highland stock is trading at about $1.50 per share. If you buy enough shares and this deal goes through you may be able to pay for your US Highalnd Viking 950 in cash.

Press Release from US Highland:

US Highland Enters Into Discussions with Significant Global OEM

Tulsa, OK – April 19, 2010 – US Highland (UHLN.OB) announced today that management has reached tentative agreement with a large global OEM for the license of Highland motor technology and is in joint venture discussions for the manufacture of privately branded motorcycles. These agreements could extend US Highland global sales beyond 20,000 units per year and result in an exponential increase in US Highland’s revenue stream within the next two years.

US Highland, Inc., is a US based designer and manufacturer of high performance, premium quality Motocross, Supermoto, Quad and Enduro motorcycles. Highland’s remarkably light, robust and powerful engine platform has drawn the attention of several significant global brands. “Highland is in a very strong position with complete engine and fuel injection technology. Our engine and fuel system designs are unique and patent application processes to protect our growing suite of Highland IP is proceeding well. This gives our potential partners confidence”, states Mats Malmberg, President of US Highland, Inc.

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