Episode 22 of the Two Enthusiasts Podcast starts off with a frank and insightful conversation about traction control, and how it applies in off-road scenarios. Quentin and Jensen discuss the various ways OEMs and racers control the rear wheel’s movements, and what “true” traction control really means, if there is such a thing.

Moving along from that discussion, Quentin and Jensen talk about their separate and different experiences riding two of the hottest ADV bikes out in 2016 – the Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro and the Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L.

Riding the Africa Twin at Honda’s press launch in Moab, Jensen tells how Big Red’s adventure bike handles both on the road, and on the trail. Meanwhile, Quentin was in Eastern Oregon, putting some miles on Ducati’s latest iteration of the Multistrada, getting some serious off-road time in the process.

The guys tell their stories, and trade some notes on these two machines, which makes for an interesting discussion. Whether or not you are a hardcore ADV rider, we think you’ll find this show highly engaging.

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  • MrDefo

    “Revved for Your Pleasure” cracks me up!

    Ok so around 6:45 Quentin mentions that the circumference of a wheel changes when you lean over? Does he mean outer circumference of the tire versus the inner circumference next to the rim?

    I want to believe in automatic transmission. Honda keeps wanting to put it in these unusual places (now off-road, and I read somewhere that they’re looking to put it into their sportsbike line). Are they futurists, or are they just crazy? I can’t help but think that it’s going to become more prevalent in time. America is an unique beast – a scooter for a commuter doesn’t make sense for a lot of people, but they want the convenience of an automatic transmission to deal with traffic. I guess the right bike design-wise just hasn’t come along yet?

  • Paul McM

    Great episode. Long but very informative. As someone who is considering both the Africa Twin and a Ducati Multi-Strada, this podcast was a gold mine of info. Thanks to Jensen for candid comments about the DCT on the Honda. I’ve used the DCT on a 700X and I found that it worked best for me in paddle shift mode. In city traffic I would let it upshift at will, but I missed the deceleration from engine braking. I would use the handlebar shifts to do most of the downshifting.

    Request — Quentin talked about weighing the Ducati on a scale. While you’re at it, please give us some “no-BS” numbers on the actual weight of the BWW R1200 GS with bags etc. I rented a 2015 GS ADV and it felt really heavy — WAY heavier that the Multi-Stradas I’ve tried. The GS also had a very high center of gravity. I am VERY skeptical now about the weight numbers BMW lists for its bikes.

  • He means that due to the crowning of the tire, when the bike is leaned over, the rear wheel has effective a smaller radius/circumference than when the bike is straight up and down, which in-turn affects your final drive ratio.

  • We’ll have to try and “test ride” a GS from a local dealer to make that happen, could be interesting though.