Zero SS Electric Sport Bike Arriving Late 2009 – Based on Zero S Supermoto

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Zero Motorcycles is readying an electric sportsbike based on their current . Keeping the same 4kWh battery pack found in the Zero S, one can expect that Zero SS to make about 31hp and 62.5 lb•ft of torque. The bike is expected to come out later this year, and feautre a full-fairing design.

The Zero S supermoto is powerful enough to do 80mph flat-out, but Zero gears the bike for a top speed of 60 mph instead, emphasizing the bike’s use in tight corners and quick accelerations. However, the Zero SS sport bike is expected to be geared taller than the supermoto, likely with an 80mph top-speed.

Aiding this goal will be a full-fairing, that increases the bike’s aerodynamics as it takes on the small displacement sport bike market. With the Zero S’s weight tipping in at 225lbs, just under the 250cc GP bike minimum of 220lbs, the Zero SS will be right in the same demographic as the small 125cc and 250cc sport bikes found around European streets and track days here in the States.

Zero plans to sell 600 total supermotos this year; the SS is expected to exceed that figure in 2010.

Source: HFL